8th Annual Global LNG Summit 2024

29 – 30 May 2024

The LNG Europe Summit will focus on today’s critical energy demands, security, and energy independence in Europe. It will serve as a platform to address the future of LNG and its evolving role in the European energy mix, particularly focused on geopolitical shifts and the global push towards decarbonization. During the two days of the conference, we will dive into new supply and demand trends, pricing outlooks, regulatory impacts of decarbonization efforts, and the strategic development of LNG infrastructure. Key sessions will explore the implications of RED III standards, assess the readiness for hydrogen and biomethane ecosystems, and discuss innovative approaches to scale up bioLNG production worldwide.

The summit aims to bring together industry experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss the major applications of LNG in shipping, road transport, and potentially as a sustainable aviation fuel. Panels will assess the strategic role of LNG in achieving net-zero targets, the alignment with EU climate goals, and the integration of cutting-edge production technologies. Additionally, the event will highlight collaborative opportunities to enhance market security and independence, aiming for Europe’s energy resilience.

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