Aeristech partner on £6.3 million government funding for revolutionary hybrid powertrain project for London buses

Aeristech Ltd, a leading innovator in high-performance electric motors and compressors, announced that it is a partner on Project HEIDI which was awarded £6.3 million in government funding for a revolutionary hybrid powertrain project that will transform the future of public transport. The funding has been matched by the participants in the project to a total of £12.7 million and will be used to develop a fuel cell/battery hybrid powertrain for double-decker buses that is cheaper than current options and uses cutting-edge electronics and energy recovery technologies.

Project HEIDI will also create and safeguard 498 jobs and save 5.9 million tonnes of CO2. Bramble, University of Bath, Equipmake, and Aeristech will work together to develop the project and retrofit Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Systems into London’s iconic red buses. The collaboration will develop a high-value end-to-end electrified automotive supply chain in the UK.

Duncan Kerr, CEO said, “At Aeristech, we are thrilled to be a part of Project HEIDI and contribute to the development of this world-leading hybrid powertrain for the iconic London buses. This project is not only a significant step towards achieving net zero emissions but also a great opportunity to increase awareness of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems in the UK while developing a sustainable and efficient public transport system. Buses are the ideal early adopters of hydrogen-fuelled powertrains as they return to depot, so there is no requirement for extensive distributed hydrogen refilling stations. We look forward to working with our partners to deliver cutting-edge oil-free compressors, which maximise the power density of the hydrogen fuel cells and recover exhaust energy.’’

Aeristech will design, develop, and deliver a 20kW turbo-expander air compressor that will recover heat and pressure with frictionless oil-free air bearing technology and a high-speed 90k rpm motor and controller.

The project is a significant step forward in achieving Net Zero emissions in the UK and will help develop a sustainable and efficient public transport system that benefits customers and the environment.

Aeristech is a UK-based company that develops high-performance electric motors, inverters, and oil-free compressors for a range of innovative applications. The company’s patented motor control technology offers customers greater optimization of performance, efficiency, power-density, and cost in hydrogen fuel cell, heat pumps, and industrial compressor applications. With extensive in-house expertise in motor design, power electronics, and air-bearings supported by high-quality prototyping, test, and low-volume manufacturing facilities, Aeristech is a leader in the development of cutting-edge technologies.