Automation UK unveils an impressive keynote speaker

In less than two months’ time, the two-day, Automation UK event will open its doors at the Coventry Building Society Arena in Coventry. The show, on 18-19 June, provides a fantastic platform for visitors to explore a wide range of the most up to date, cutting-edge automation and robotics technologies and solutions.

The content led seminar programme will be packed with thought-provoking presentations from leading industry experts, which will provide visitors with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for use in their businesses. There will also be an abundance of networking opportunities with over a thousand peers and experts expected to attend.

British Automation & Robot Association (BARA), organisers of Automation UK, are excited to reveal a leading industry expert as a keynote speaker.

Vanessa Loiola, the founder of Valoy Automation will talk about ‘Enhancing Robotic Cell Performance with Strategic Programming Solutions’, which explores manufacturing companies that face the challenge of inefficient processes, caused by outdated programming methods.

Vanessa highlights the importance of modern solutions that can optimise robot functionality, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. She shares exciting benefits that the implementation of strategic programming techniques can deliver to manufacturers. These can revolutionise their operations, achieving peak efficiency and competitiveness in today’s ever-evolving market.

BARA will soon be sharing more information about further inspiring speakers and sessions that will be part of the Automation UK seminar programme.

The two-day show, including the seminar programme, will act as a catalyst to motivate and encourage visitors to take the necessary steps to invest in these technologies and solutions.

As well as this investment being important for the growth of the UK economy, there are a number of other significant benefits to businesses. Including, increased productivity delivered by automation and robotics performing repetitive and manual tasks, as well as creating a safer working environment and helping solve labour and skills shortages. These benefits can ultimately deliver improvements in the financial performance of a business who commit to investing in automation and robotics.

“The real highlights have been seeing some of the newer technology, both in automation robotics side of the business and the vision side of the business, really giving that flexibility to the customers,” said ABB Robotics’ Global Program Manager – Social Selling & Inside Sales Steve Banton.

This comprehensive show will provide plenty to explore and experience. The show will be buzzing with around 50 well-known brands showcasing their latest innovative products and services, including robots, robotics systems, systems integration, automation control parts and systems, plus sensor and machine safety.

Visitors will be captivated by the live demonstrations and fascinating new product launches. These exhibitors will be keen to engage and interact with visitors about understanding their requirements and the benefits of adopting a particular solution as well as sharing their technical expertise. Some of the founding exhibitors include ABB, Fanuc UK, Festo, Piab, KUKA Robotics UK, Schubert UK, and RARUK Automation.