BioPak UK and SOCIUS Network strike a deal maximising National & European distribution

B Corp and sustainable packaging company BioPak UK and the SOCIUS Network announced a new strategic partnership that will open up exciting business opportunities for certified compostable packaging solutions. The deal focuses on the synergies of the two businesses, maximising National and European distribution, coupled with world-class product development to meet the market’s needs for years to come.

With 22 members and 28 locations across the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands, plus a partnership with DHYS Group European Network, the SOCIUS Network is one of the leading distributors of catering disposables, paper hygiene, glassware and crockery, food packaging and chemicals to the Catering and Hygiene sectors. BioPak’s certified compostable packaging not only expands the SOCIUS Network’s product portfolio, allowing members to switch to a more sustainable plant-based alternative. BioPak will also act as an advisor and expert in sustainable packaging to the SOCIUS Network.

“We are looking forward to working with BioPak to develop our Sustainable Packaging Solutions offer with our members and their customers,” said Managing Director of the SOCIUS Network Mike Revell. “We believe BioPak have the credentials to be our sustainable packaging consultant to support our business plans moving forward”.

BioPak is currently operating in 5 countries, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, and this deal is in line with its expansion strategy into new markets. The alignment with the SOCIUS Network and further the DHYS Group European Network allows BioPak to utilise their expertise in distribution across the UK and other 17 European countries supporting BioPak’s business plans.

“This is an important step for BioPak in the UK and a lot of hard work has gone into laying the foundation with Mike and the SOCIUS members as we move strategically into distribution in 2024” said Biopak Group CEO Gary Smith. “One of BioPak’s core differences and strengths is our capacity to expand and deliver a range of certified compostable products tailored to any market’s requirements.

“We’re fully prepared to support businesses in making the switch, not just by providing compliant compostable packaging, but also through educational resources fostering circular solutions.”