Dimerco Taiwan’s Eco-Champion event: Get Hands Dirty for Biodiversity

Dimerco Taiwan, a leading global freight forwarder, has announced a major environmental initiative aimed to strengthen the green supply chain and reduce carbon emissions. The company has set a significant environmental challenge to remove 100+ kgs of the invasive plant species Mikania micrantha, commonly known as “Mile a minute,” from the Wugu Wetland Ecological Park, a nationally important area known for its high biodiversity sensitivity.

As part of its ongoing commitment to carbon reduction, Dimerco Taiwan gathered a dedicated team of over 60 volunteers, including employees, customers, suppliers, and partners from the value chain. This team worked alongside specialists from The Society of Wilderness (SOW) on June 17th to restore biodiversity in the Wugu Wetland.

Leading this environmental project is Mr. George Chiou, President – Air Freight, Executive Management Board (EMB), who has been at the forefront of Dimerco’s ESG Endorsed Initiatives. Mr. Chiou himself has taken up the challenge to encourage others to join him in the sweltering summer heat as they don rain boots and gloves to tackle the rapid growth of the invasive “Mile a minute” plant. Dimerco Taiwan is proud to actively support sustainable development initiatives and drive positive change.

On June 17th, six teams took part in a friendly competition to maximise the removal of the “Mile a minute” plant. The champion team was recognized for their efforts in eliminating 59 kilograms out of 125 kilograms of the weed. Dimerco’s Central Service Center (CSC) expressed great pride in being part of restoring the Wugu Wetland Ecological Park, emphasizing the significance of preserving native habitats that foster abundant wildlife. They also highlighted the critical role wetlands play in flood control, water purification, biodiversity conservation, and the absorption of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.”

Under the theme “Get Hands Dirty for Biodiversity,” this invasive plant species removal aimed to engage all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and value chain partners, in environmental conservation. Dimerco Taiwan believes that collective action is key to protect the environment and is dedicated to spearhead sustainability in Taiwan’s supply chain.