credit: trinamiX GmbH

Innovative tool for on-the-spot sorting of plastic waste: trinamiX invites applications for free starter kit

trinamiX GmbH, a leading provider of mobile spectroscopy, with support from the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, has launched an initiative to supply waste management projects with 50 starter kits to identify different plastic types on the spot. Each kit contains trinamiX’s Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution, a smartphone, data analysis in the trinamiX spectroscopy cloud, real-time access to results via mobile app and the documentation of results in the customer portal. The usage is free for one year.

The ambition is to work with companies, non-profit organizations and academia to explore where plastic waste occurs, how it is handled and where it ends up. The goal is to learn more about the impact the technology creates and exchange best practices from around the world.

The proprietary technology helps to improve the sorting of waste by identifying a broad range of plastic types. This is especially relevant in areas where waste management infrastructure is limited, or industrial sorting solutions are not viable. Thanks to its flexibility, trinamiX’s handheld solution has been used by companies and initiatives across the globe, including Alaska, Mali and Cambodia.

In an event at K-Fair, the world’s leading tradeshow for Plastics and Rubber in Düsseldorf, on Oct 25, 2022, trinamiX and the Alliance explained how they collaborate to bring the technology to remote areas. Justin Wood, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at the Alliance, said: “We are using trinamiX’s handheld device to help some of our numerous projects to engage with communities and education more effectively, to improve sortation and characterization of plastic waste and finally to maximize bale quality and thus economic value. Together with trinamiX, we can now give more partners in the industry, civil society and academia access to this technology. With the feedback right from the frontlines of the global plastic waste challenge, trinamiX’s solution can become an affordable, convenient, and high-performing tool to end plastic waste especially in remote areas.”

Adrian Vogel, Business Development Manager from trinamiX added: “Our solution allows users to identify plastic waste – right on-the-spot, within seconds and using a mobile device. This can for example be used for the training of waste sorters to improve the purity of sorted bales. In the daily work, the technology can help the sorters to identify unknown samples and thus reduce wrong sorting due to uncertainty. With the joint initiative, we aim to learn even more about the impact it creates and how we can further improve the technology.”