Italpreziosi Celebrates 40 Years and Announces B Corp Certification

Italpreziosi, a benefit company and international leader in the refining, trading, and sale of precious metals as well as the production and sale of gold investment bars, is proud to announce it has now become B Corp™ certified.

It is with immense pride that the company from Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy), the most important goldsmith district in Europe, celebrates its 40th anniversary by announcing it has achieved B Corp™ certification. Italpreziosi, already a Benefit Corporation, thus joins a global movement of companies leading the change towards an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic paradigm.

The B Corp™ certification means that Italpreziosi S.p.A. has been recognised as meeting the social and environmental impact standards of B Lab, a non-profit network dedicated to transforming the global economy for the benefit of all people, communities, and the planet.

Over these 40 years, Italpreziosi S.p.A. has carved out a distinctive path, becoming a benchmark brand with an internationally recognised reputation, thanks to the quality of its products and services. The commitment to sustainable and responsible practices is a milestone of the company’s identity, confirmed by numerous certifications, both industry-specific and others.

In the precious metals sector, the company stands out with its 999.9 pure gold bars, internationally recognised for their purity and traceability, thanks to the LBMA Good Delivery certification. This certification, combined with ongoing investment in best-in-class Italian technology and shareholdings in some precious metal mines, ensures traceability across the entire supply chain and compliance with the strictest international standards in terms of purity and ethical sourcing.

Celebrating 40 years in business is a significant milestone that fills us with pride and drives us to look to the future,” said founder and CEO Ivana Ciabatti. “This anniversary is merely a waypoint on our journey, with other ambitious goals yet to be achieved, always with enthusiasm and ambition, constantly investing in top Italian technology, aiming for services and products that meet high standards of quality and ethical and social responsibility.

The B Corp™ certification is a milestone in the journey that reflects Italpreziosi’s long-term vision and commitment to operate according to high international standards.