JUXTA Nomad micro-autonomous stores debut with first retail partners

JUXTA, the global technology and micro convenience company, launched in August, is seeing rapid take up with businesses in the EV value chain and multiple retail partners ready to adopt the innovative solution across the USA.

The first customers to experience the JUXTA Nomad were Renewal 2023 festival goers in Buena Vista, Colorado, last month. The Nomad’s ability to travel and cater to high-demand yet remote locations was on full display as it served thousands of revellers 24-hours a day during the event.

Renewal 2023 launched a new partnership for JUXTA with Choice Market, a leading retailer headquartered in Denver, Colorado with outlets across the state. The first Choice Market Nomad micro-store will open in Denver, making it Colorado’s very first portable, autonomous, convenience store, marking a transformative shift in how technology is reshaping the traditional retail experience.

A further retail partnership has been formed with Golden Pantry Food Stores, a group headquartered in Watkinsville, Georgia. Golden Pantry’s first Nomad store will open in Wire Park, Watkinsville, GA. This modern, mixed-use development, which is an amalgamation of apartments, offices, restaurants, micro-brewery, and a multi-faceted events space, has been crafted from a repurposed factory.  The integration of JUXTA’s autonomous store at such a location is an innovative move, aiming to cater to the diverse footfall ranging from local residents to a plethora of daily visitors, 24-hours a day and without the need to staff the store.

Commenting on the rapid take-up of the Nomad micro-retail stores, Co-founder of JUXTA, Om Shankar, said: “To be signing retail partners and fielding enquiries from some of the largest EV OEMs in the world is validation of JUXTA’s vision for the Nomad solution.  Our proprietary technology and store format combination, working in partnership with renowned brands, has the power to redefine the industry. 

“Our solution mitigates multitude challenges in the retail segment, from real estate cost and utilisation, squeezed profit margins, access to 24-hr service, labour shortages and staffing issues, including instant, simple and contactless pay, and quick set up, in any location, no matter how remote.  The Nomad offers an all ‘round seamless solution to these challenges and at the same time, we believe it to be the most profitable per square foot convenience retail format in the world.”

He added: “Thanks to our smart, proprietary technology, Nomad offers a comprehensive suite of real time data, enabling operators to optimize their retail strategy and precision-target their customers, by stocking only high-demand items to reduce waste and maximise efficiency and profitability.”

With no requirement to accommodate staff or a counter, optimum space is devoted to stock within the 264 square feet (24.5 meter) Nomad interior. Coupled with state-of-the-art shelving and presentation units, the expanse enables customers to stock between 500 and 600 fast-moving, high-margin items.

Inside the Nomad, shelf and cabinet sensors instantly detect when an item is picked up, and an array of cameras will anonymously identify by whom. The information is combined in the cloud to create a digital basket for each customer. If a family or group of shoppers enter the store, JUXTA’s AI-driven technology will collate their purchases.

Customers can verify their purchased items, (and, where legislation is appropriate, JUXTA’s technology will enable compliant age-restricted items to be purchased as well), on a large touchscreen before they exit the store, or they can also exit the store, entrusting the technology to record their purchases and charge their credit or debit card as appropriate.