Net Zero Technology Centre launches Technology Without Borders initiative at COP28

The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) and its international partners have announced the launch of a unique Technology Without Borders initiative to bridge the net zero energy technology gap between nations in the Global North and the Global South.

Scotland-based NZTC is a not-for-profit organisation working with industry, government, and academia, driving technology innovation to accelerate the energy transition to net zero. The Centre was created in 2017 as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal, with £180 million of UK and Scottish Government funding.

The Technology Without Borders initiative, announced at COP28, embodies a ‘just and inclusive’ ethos to tackle emissions reduction. It will facilitate technology transfer, local adaptation and deployment, support knowledge sharing and capacity building of local technical expertise, while strengthening local supply chains.

The initiative will leverage new and existing funds. It will deliver on a targeted approach that considers the emissions reduction scale, and specific place challenges, to enable people to build local technology value chains.

A pipeline of bankable projects is being developed with partners in the Global South, targeting five key projects in 2024 and rapidly scaling in consecutive years.

NZTC is calling for international financial, industrial and technology partners to join our global North South initiative, co-developing technology for an equitable transition.

Luca Corradi, Chief Technology Officer, Net Zero Technology Centre said: “Moving the next generation of technologies that can address climate change from low technology readiness level to commercialisation needs to be prioritised globally. The Technology Without Borders initiative will promote economic development opportunities during the energy transition, ensuring that nations can address poverty, energy access, and climate change simultaneously.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Net Zero and Just Transition Màiri McAllan said: “COP28 must listen to the voices of the Global South and those affected most by climate change. That is why we welcome the launch of the Technology Without Borders initiative, which follows the Scottish Government’s £90 million Aberdeen City Region Deal investment in the Centre.

“Their work is vital to helping address the injustice at the heart of climate change by supporting those communities which are suffering the most but have done the least to cause the climate emergency.”

UK Government Minister for Scotland Malcolm Offord said:”We must all do our part to ensure developing nations are not bearing the brunt of climate disruption.

“Technology Without Borders is a fantastic initiative that will deliver innovative and affordable solutions through information sharing to help secure the future prosperity of the energy sector and achieve our much-needed net zero goals. I encourage all partners to consider joining the programme.

“The UK Government is investing £90 million in the Net Zero Technology Centre to support sustainable economic growth in North East Scotland, as part of our more than £2.7 billion investment to level up across Scotland.”