New sustainably aluminium-bottled and functional water brand launches

The founder of anti-plastic campaigning soda brand GUNNA Drinks, has announced the launch of a completely new water brand, Water Almighty – the first aluminium bottled, functional water in the UK, set to take on the scourge of plastic bottles on our shelves.

Having announced the launch of its own brand-new aluminium bottling factory, The Sustainable Bottling Co., earlier this month, this latest move from the business is set to capitalise on its new capabilities. Water Almighty will offer retailers and caterers two planet-friendly, carbon neutral, aluminium bottled functional waters. The brand will launch with one still and one sparkling water, both with seven added minerals and electrolytes.

Plastic bottles are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to single use plastic waste. Greenpeace research indicates that of the plastic that goes into recycling in the UK, only 10% is actually recycled, while the majority is either incinerated, goes to landfill or is sent abroad.

With aluminium being infinitely recyclable, housing Water Almighty in these resealable bottles offers a number of brilliant benefits. As well as offering strong environmental markers, for retailers one huge benefit is that the 470ml bottle has the same on-shelf footprint as damaging single use plastic water bottles, so offers an easy, planet-friendly switch. For consumers, the bottles have the benefits of being reusable and refillable thanks to the resealable cap, and of course are recyclable too.

Tapping into the booming consumer demand for functional food and drink, Water Almighty’s two waters will also have seven added minerals and electrolytes – including calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium, molybdenum, potassium and sodium. And each bottle will provide 20% of the daily requirement for seven essential minerals.

In the USA, the market for water in aluminum bottles has grown rapidly to over $1bn in the last few years (Source: Future Market Insights) with Proud Source Water leading the way, reaching revenues of over $300m in less than six years. The UK market for water in this bottle format is similarly set to explode and Water Almighty plan to lead this sector in the UK.

Melvin Jay, founder of GUNNA Drinks, The Sustainable Bottling Co, and newly Water Almighty, commented: “We’re thrilled to be launching Water Almighty to market. Alongside launching our own bespoke aluminium bottling facility, The Sustainable Bottling Co., the launch of Water Almighty feels like the next natural step in the exciting trajectory we’re on as a business to stand up to ‘big soda’ and banish single-use-plastic. We’re particular excited about the brand as it ticks so many boxes for what both retailers and consumers are looking for.

“Water Almighty has brilliant environmental credentials, which when paired with its wellness proposition thanks to added minerals and electrolytes, meets two of the biggest shopper demands in market right now. Beyond this and most importantly, we hope that by giving consumers more choice to pick planet-friendly options, we can do our bit to end the industry’s reliance on damaging single use plastics.”