PoGo makes major leap forward in development of its EV Charging Network through partnership with Kew Green Hotels

PoGo, the newly launched ultra-rapid EV charging network, has signed a major partnership agreement with Kew Green Hotels which will create 40 new accessible EV charging hubs at hotel brands including Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, voco and Courtyard by Marriott.

The EV charging hubs will be in prime locations across the UK and will have a combination of 200kW ultra-rapid charging stations, which are ideal for the speed needed for enroute charging, and AC stations for hotel guests who can charge their vehicles overnight.

This announcement comes three weeks after the official launch of the PoGo network. This strategic partnership will add 200 charging stations to its network and each of its new charging hubs will be conveniently located for drivers. This will be a significant boost to ultra-rapid public charging across the UK and contribute to delivering PoGo’s ambition of improving the availability and the reliability of ‘on-the-go’ charging for EV drivers.

For Kew Green Hotels, this partnership demonstrates commitment to offering sustainable choices to its hotel customers and improving the guest experience, while also helping to attract more visitors to the hotels. The addition of EV charging also supports Kew Green Hotel’s ESG goals and its commitment to reach Net Zero emissions by 2040 – 10 years ahead of the Paris Accord Target. As a Planet Mark certified organisation, Kew Green Hotels is taking decisive action to mitigate the climate crisis and future proof its business.

Chris Dexter, CEO for Kew Green Hotels, views the installation of EV chargers in hotel car parks as a key step in driving the business’ Net Zero commitments: “We are always embracing new ways to positively contribute to the world around us, and we know that our guests are looking to do more too,” he said. “We have recently become Planet Mark certified and we are committed to making year-on-year reductions to our CO2 footprint. We are taking a very holistic view to make this happen, which includes a number of operational changes and initiatives that give our guests choices to be more sustainable.”

Eugenio Herrero, Executive Director of PoGo sees the partnership as a major step forward in the development of the PoGo network: “We are delighted to be forming this strategic partnership with Kew Green Hotels. We are looking forward to working with such a like-minded team who share our values and commitments to customer experience and sustainability.The result of this partnership will be a major boost to EV drivers across the UK and a major benefit to the hotels in meeting the needs of their guests. We are excited to get started.”

All charging stations will be supplied by 100 percent renewable energy and are designed to be easy to use and operate. Drivers will be supported by a 24/7, highly trained in-house customer support team.