Prowrap takes another sustainable step forward

Leading manufacturer of cling film, aluminium foil, baking papers and dispensers, Prowrap, has bolstered its eco-credentials by redesigning the product packaging for its foodservice range.

Every Prowrap product is responsibly sourced or produced at its state-of-the-art manufacturing hub in Bristol, UK. The operation recycles as much pre-consumer waste across films, foils and paper as possible, and the brand said that upgrading its packaging to fully recyclable cardboard represented the next responsible step on its journey.

 Designed to align with its long-term business objectives, all Prowrap brands now sport an exciting new look in boxes that are fully recyclable in local waste streams.

 “Listening continues to elevate our ability to better serve our professional customers,” said Prowrap’s Production Director, Jon Crowley. “The feedback we were getting showed the switch would be well received in the many professional kitchens our films, foils and dispensers are deployed in.

 “There’s an increased awareness of global environmental challenges, and with the implementation of sustainability plans throughout professional kitchens, green goals are rightly very important to our customers. We pride ourselves on being a responsible manufacturer and supplier, working hard to make a difference and have a positive impact in every part of our business – and beyond.”

 The move quickly follows Prowrap bringing to market its award-winning ecocling range. The new premium cling film is fully recyclable, designed to help reduce food waste and environmental impact, while keeping ingredients fresh and workspaces safe.

 “With ecocling, anyone working with food can continue to make their ingredients last longer while being kinder to the planet,” added Crowley.

 The premium quality, PVC-free wrap pairs perfectly with Prowrap’s compact Speedwrap dispenser for easy storage, smooth dispensing, and efficient cutting. An alternative to traditional cling film, ecocling offers good durability, cling performance and can be recycled to support the circular economy.

Crowley said: “At Prowrap, we design all our products to suit the day-to-day life in busy professional kitchens, and ecocling is no different.

 “Featuring some similarities to the stretchability and cutting capability as traditional cling film, ecocling is designed to keep ingredients fresh and workspaces safe, with one simple solution that combines the level of performance our customers have come to expect with a lower carbon footprint.

 “Whether we’re streamlining production to minimise waste or optimising our product portfolio for evolving expectations, we always look for ways to improve. We’re proud of the work we’re already doing, but know there’s always more we can do.”

2023 promises to be an exciting year for Prowrap, with several exciting product launches due to land before the end of the year.