Tetra Pak’s new sustainable solution

Tetra Pak unveiled its ‘Factory Sustainable Solutions’ offering a new factory-wide approach to energy, water and cleaning-in-place (CIP) optimisation.

A new offer within Tetra Pak’s broader sustainability portfolio, the ‘Factory Sustainable Solutions’ business offers Food and Beverage (F&B) producers a tailored blend of state-of-the-art technologies and leading plant integration capabilities. It seeks to support F&B producers in optimising energy and resource consumption, an important step in helping customers meet their sustainability ambitions and reduce operational costs.

The Tetra Pak Factory Sustainable Solutions team will support customers by finding the right technologies and integration solutions for their needs, advising them on the best practice set-up for their line or facility. This results in a tailored pipes and installation diagram that optimises water, energy and CIP according to the specific needs of the customer’s operations.

Stefano Vittor, CEO at Olvondo Technology A/S, said “By incorporating our HighLift heat pump technology into its Factory Sustainable Solutions business, Tetra Pak is offering an impactful solution to reduce carbon emissions across the food and beverage industry. We’re delighted to be part of this collaboration and to play a role in the change that Tetra Pak is driving.”

Fredrik Norrbom, Director, Sweden at Johnson Controls System and Service AB added: “Approximately two-thirds of industrial energy use is driven by heat demand, derived largely from fossil fuels. Heat pumps are vital for increasing energy efficiency and delivering net zero heating when combined with renewable electricity. We are proud to collaborate with Tetra Pak on smart building solutions that can help customers achieve sustainability targets while also helping industry make critical progress on emissions reduction.”

Nicole Uvenbeck, Director Factory Sustainable Solutions and OEM Components at Tetra Pak says: “This launch is an incredibly exciting and significant milestone for us at Tetra Pak – especially our team who have been working hard to push the boundaries of the impact and value such an approach can bring for our customers.”

Fiona Liebehenz, Vice President Key Components, Plant Solutions and Channel Management at Tetra Pak says: “I’m extremely proud of the team. We know that our customers are under pressure more than ever to operate as efficiently as possible when it comes to resource usage. This is, for many, an existential challenge to secure the future of their operations. Through working with them and understanding their individual needs and objectives, we’re  providing them  fit-for-purpose equipment enriched with our holistic food & beverages application knowledge to address that challenge, delivering tangible improvements in a way that is financially advantageous.”

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