The Unimot Group has expanded its line of photovoltaic modules

The Unimot Group has expanded its European photovoltaic module production line at its factory in Poland. Currently, the production power capacity of the line is 45 MW. The Unimot Group sells panels under the AVIA Solar brand but also offers private label solutions and targets companies that want to manufacture photovoltaic panels under their own brands.

The manufacturing line of AVIA Solar’s European photovoltaic panels from the Unimot Group was launched in July 2021. Initially, its power capacity was 15 MW/year, however, demand for the European product made the Group decide to expand the line and increase its capacity threefold.

The power capacity of photovoltaic installations in Poland is already approximately 12 GW, while government plans assumed a capacity of only 10 GW would be achieved by 2040. The company states that it has noticed the trend throughout Europe and its goal is to offer Polish-made panels throughout the European market.

“The covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shown how important the quality and reliability of a local supplier are. By choosing AVIA Solar’s European panels, the customer can expect far greater order flexibility compared to Asian products, the purchase of which involves long delivery times and the need to cover logistics costs,” said Adam Sikorski, the CEO of Unimot.

Unimot Group’s machinery park provides for the manufacturing of photovoltaic panels using cells as large as M12. AVIA Solar’s photovoltaic panels will be sold in the most popular wattages in their segments, that is, from 350 Wp to over 450 Wp.

“Our company have opted for the proven technology and power of modules most popular among customers. In addition, we use components from world leaders – including 3M, Interfloat and DOW. The offer to customers includes photovoltaic modules manufactured under their own brands, tailored to individual expectations, along with professional advice and technical support,”said Stanisław Bajorski, Director of Renewable Energy Products at the Unimot Group.

The photovoltaic panels, which are manufactured in a Polish factory, are based on silicon-monocrystalline technology that has been proven for decades. For their manufacturing, the highest quality raw materials are used, sourced from well-known global brands, which is crucial for achieving high efficiency and lifetime of PV panels.

They are distinguished from competing solutions by their high quality. Laboratory tests and studies are carried out on the manufacturing line, the results of which are then verified and assigned individually to each photovoltaic panel. This allows for full quality control at every stage of manufacture, as well as in after-sales service. Each photovoltaic panel also has an individual QR code, which gives the product traceability throughout its life cycle on the market, up to recycling stage. For the sake of the environment, the modules are sent to customers in eco-friendly packaging.