Vast announces partnership with CYD to model molten salt tank performance as VS1 project moves forward

Vast Solar Pty Ltd, a world-leader in concentrated solar thermal power (CSP), today announced a partnership with global design and manufacturing firm Contratos y Diseños Industriales (CYD) as the Company advances VS1, its 30MW/ 288MWh CSP project in Port Augusta, South Australia. 

Utilising Vast’s proprietary, modular tower CSP v3.0 technology, VS1 is designed to generate clean, low-cost, dispatchable power with over 8 hours of thermal energy storage. The project is projected to create dozens of green manufacturing jobs, as well as hundreds of jobs during construction and long-term plant operations roles. VS1 will be Vast’s first utility-scale project, and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has approved up to AUD$65 million in funding for the project.

Vast has a strong track record in pioneering new tank designs and is a co-developer with CYD of Flexitank, which is the subject of a pending patent application. CYD is working with Vast on early design work on VS1 and is using a first-of-its-kind Avatar Model to simulate the construction and operation of the thermal energy storage tanks that contain molten salt at high temperatures. This is a step forward for the CSP industry, with the potential to enhance the performance of molten salt storage tanks once operational.

The Avatar Model concept, developed by the CYD team, utilises a virtual model (referred to as a dynamic digital twin) that aims to create the exact dimensions of VS1’s thermal energy storage system, and allows for testing and simulation under different conditions. This helps to identify and mitigate any problems, while optimising design and performance of the tanks before they are manufactured and installed.

Craig Wood, CEO of Vast, said: “We are delighted to be working with CYD and to have their extensive global experience in CSP supporting VS1. The Avatar Model’s holistic approach to the design, manufacture, construction and operation of molten salt tanks will further strengthen VS1. This innovative approach to building CSP projects is a big step forward for Vast and the whole industry.”

Sergio Dávila from CYD said: “Our collaboration with Vast is breaking new ground in the CSP industry. The Avatar Model has been developed using the extensive experience in the design and construction of molten salt tank technology amongst the Vast and CYD teams, supported by other leading companies and institutions. It provides an opportunity to implement learnings at an early-stage to ensure the optimal performance of thermal energy storage systems.”