Virospack to deliver sustainable packaging

Virospack partners with Rezemo and BrightSideUp to deliver more sustainable packaging and upcycling solutions.

Discussing sustainable packaging involves focusing on non-polluting materials, efficient production models, comprehensive recycling and ultimately, reducing the environmental footprint. Today’s cosmetics consumers demand sustainability that goes beyond skin surface-level considerations.

While sustainability may appear to be a recent trend, at Virospack, it’s been a core commitment throughout its history. The company prioritises creating inherently sustainable products with eco-friendly materials, efficient production methods, plus recycled glass and plastics, to minimise its carbon footprint. As well as this, it ensures sustainability throughout the products lifecycle and beyond, whilst still offering exceptional quality, design and customisation options.

For example, Virospack takes pride in being one of the leading suppliers with the lowest levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in Europe, for the metallisation process and sputtering technology used in droppers, bottles and packaging components decoration. This ensures a high-quality and visually appealing finish while upholding its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The company continuously invests in research and development to minimise solvent use in products and paints, reducing emissions wherever possible. Additionally, Virospack holds ISO, EMAS, ISCC and GOLD certifications from Ecovadis.

Virospack presented this year a plant-based dropper cap innovation, developed in partnership with the German company Rezemo. This innovation uses the new Forewood® material, which replaces conventional plastic and is free of fossil substances while maintaining the same functionality and performance.

The innovation is certified by sustainable forestry (PEFC). It is composed of a biodegradable biopolymer, 100% compostable and plant-based, with 0% fossil resources, which reduces the CO2 footprint. In addition to all these eco-powered benefits, it is possible to embrace the power of customisation as well, with Virospack in-house custom decoration and finishes for the cap and bulb parts. To be in direct contact with the product, without compromising the structure of the material, the best option to this Plant-Based cap is using in the dropper kit a pipette with a Tenite: Biobased Plastic > 40%.

Another very interesting partnership by Virospack this year is the collaboration with BrightSideUp Upcycled Lighting Desing, launched at Milan Design Week 2024. The BrightSideUp was proud to showcase the innovative lighting fixtures made using glass residue from Virospack. This partnership highlights the versatility and quality of Virospack’s glass products, demonstrating their potential beyond traditional packaging applications.

By repurposing glass residue as a source material for upcycled designs, BrightSideUp creates stunning and sustainable lighting artworks. Its services range from large custom-made installations to concept development for smaller units, all offered through their upcycling platform contributing to a more sustainable future.

This project is part of a European Union initiative aimed at promoting the value of upcycling and fostering collaboration among EU countries. Virospack is proud to support BrightSideUp in its mission to promote sustainability and innovation in the design industry.

“Through these initiatives, we strive to lead the industry in promoting eco-friendly practices, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, and driving continuous innovation,” said CEO Aïda Rodriguez. “Our dedication to these principles will help ensure that Virospack remains a trusted and forward-thinking partner in the cosmetic packaging industry.”

Virospack believes that joining forces through innovative projects with companies seeking solutions for a more sustainable future, is the best way to reposition the role of packaging providers in the consumer goods business.

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