Brusche wins contract for CO2 capture pilot OMV Austria

Brusche Process Technology, has secured a contract from the Austrian company OMV, a major player in the energy industry. Brusche Process technology will design and construct a process installation for OMV, aimed at capturing CO2 emissions from the company’s business processes.

“Our customer intends to select the right process design and accompanying technology for future large-scale CO2 capture at its production sites with this process installation,” explained the co-owners and directors, Ewald Kosters and Andy Roeloffzen.

Limiting CO2 emissions is crucial to combat climate change and such a pilot installation is a significant interim step towards the necessary sustainability of the energy industry. The captured CO2 can be utilised for the production of sustainable raw materials and fuels.

The pilot installation will be designed and built at Brusche Process Technology in Almelo. Subsequently, the installation will be transported in parts to one of OMV’s sites in Austria. There, the installation will be assembled and prepared for commissioning by Brusche’s technicians. This final phase is expected to take place around March 2025. In total, this represents approximately 12 person-years of work for the Almelo-based company.

Brusche Process Technology specialises in the development, engineering and construction of innovative sustainable process installations, including pilot and demonstration installations. The company has specialized knowledge in CO2 capture and reuse and collaborates with universities and research institutions, such as the University of Twente. Founders Kosters and Roeloffzen established the company in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, In May 2021. Currently employing over 20 people, the company continues to grow.

The desire to collectively bring their knowledge and extensive experience to the market, coupled with their ambition to contribute to the energy transition and societal sustainability through innovative process technology, led to the establishment of Brusche Process technology. “We want to work joyfully on beautiful innovations. You can see that in the enthusiasm of our team and in the projects we are privileged to help develop” said Mr Kosters. “It’s gratifying that in the third full year of our existence, we have already gained the trust of such a significant player as OMV,” adds Roeloffzen.