PhycoHealth redefines sustainable nutrition with UK market debut through Holland & Barrett

PhycoHealth, the trailblazing innovator in the growing aquaculture sector, announces the launch of its seaweed food products into the UK market. Starting from November 2023 onwards, consumers across the UK can experience the future of sustainable nutrition powered in PhycoHealth’s food products, available online from Holland & Barrett.

This strategic expansion marks a monumental stride in PhycoHealth’s mission to champion sustainable alternatives to what we put on our plate and on our skin, while addressing critical issues in food security and whole health nutrition.

PhycoHealth will be launching two SKUs into Holland and Barrett online: their Sea Shell Seaweed pasta and Sea Bircher Muesli.  Their brand-new premium egg-free, authentic Italian bronze-die cut, high quality durum semolina pasta contains 10% seaweed content – yielding an excellent source of protein, iron and B12, and filling the gaps in most plant protein diets. 

The Sea Bircher Muesli is packed with over eight diverse plant fibres for gut health, including PhycoHealth’s clinically tested SeaFibre.  It is boosted with pea protein and is packed with ocean minerals of iron, iodine and anti-oxidants from seaweed, as well as over 20% of your daily need of B12.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be launching PhycoHealth’s innovative food products with Holland & Barrett. This launch is particularly exciting now as it aligns with the growing urgency towards sustainable living. Our Seashell Pasta and Sea Bircher Muesli not only redefine taste and texture but also address nutritional deficiencies in plant-based diets and body care products. We are not just creating delicious food; we are offering a solution, a way to eat and live responsibly, without compromise,“ said Dr. Pia Winberg, CEO at PhycoHealth.

At the heart of PhycoHealth’s offerings lie groundbreaking scientific research centred on this unique Australian green seaweed which has been rigorously tested in gold standard clinical studies and published in international scientific journals.  The seaweed is recognised as one of the fastest growing protein, nutrient, and fibre-rich crops on the planet. PhycoHealth’s commitment to environmental responsibility is unparalleled. By harnessing the potential of sustainable agriculture, innovation, and consumer satisfaction, PhycoHealth offers a distinctive blend of powerful and nutritious ingredients often lacking in conventional plant-based diets and body care products available today.