Toucan Water announces mission to protect the Amazon Rainforest with every can sold

Newly launched UK-based canned water company, Toucan Water, is a product with a purpose as the company’s sustainable values take the brand from strength to strength in protecting the Amazon Rainforest with every can sold.

Starting life in December 2022 after a trip to the Japanese rainforest, founders Vitaliy Prots and Louis Glaskie spent the early part of 2023 creating the business before soft launching Toucan Water on the shelves of cafes and shops in the North West and London in June this year.

With a USP of saving one square foot of the Amazon with every can sold, Toucan Water, a 330ml can of refreshing Leicestershire drinking water, is the eco-friendly option when hydrating on the go. All its cans are made from aluminium, are 100% recyclable and free from adhesives or labels. “Plastic water bottles are known to contain harmful chemicals that can impact our health,” said founder Louis Glaskie. “Being plastic-free, Toucan Water’s aluminium cans are BPA free and have a longer shelf life than water sold in plastic bottles.”

Toucan Water has an environmental partnership with an established organisation in Brazil, which aids in its protection of the Amazon Rainforest. Vitaliy Prots said, “Partnering with locals in Brazil, which work on protecting the Amazon Rainforest, was a huge step for us in helping to make our product truly sustainable. We’re hoping to purchase our first hectare of endangered rainforest land and, in the future, geotag all the Toucan Water cans so our customers can see a visual of their impact of saving the rainforest.”

According to a recent survey, 73% of Gen Z are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and with sustainability at its heart, Toucan Water strives to be a big name in the green food and drink market, also minimising its environmental impact where possible. Speaking on Toucan Water’s carbon footprint, Louis Glaskie said, “Compared to many of our competitors, we have a really low carbon footprint, which aligns with our sustainability values. All of our supply chain is based in the UK, and all are within a short distance of each other. Our cans are printed in Sheffield, filled with naturally alkaline water from the Charnwood region of North Leicestershire, and then delivered to our customers across the UK.”

The brand aims to continue working on its impact in saving areas of the Amazon Rainforest by working on plastic-free resealable lids for 500ml cans, focussing on sustainable wholesale packaging for distribution and continuing to partner with other organisations and brands which share the same values.