RUW and Positive Zero unveil solar carport partnership

The Royal University for Women (RUW), the first private, purpose-built, international university in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Positive Zero have entered a ground-breaking partnership to install a solar carport project on the university premises through Positive Zero’s distributed generation arm, SirajPower.

Positive Zero is the Middle East’s leading energy transition partner for businesses and communities, supporting decarbonisation through on-site power generation, energy efficiency and clean mobility. The agreement enhances cooperation in the field of clean energy between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Located in Riffa, Bahrain, the solar carport project boasts a facility size with a maximum output of 3.75MWp. The initiative is marked by a 30-year lease agreement delivered by Positive Zero, including designing, supplying, installing, operating and maintaining the solar carport. The project is expected to generate 6.6 GWh of clean energy annually, offsetting over 4,500 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions yearly, which is equivalent to planting more than 75,000 trees. 

Speaking at the project’s inauguration, His Excellency Yasser bin Ibrahim Humaidan, Minister of Electricity and Water said: “The General Directorate of Energy Efficiency at the Ministry is keen to provide the technical advice and support necessary to contribute to the implementation of sustainable energy transition plans, and to adopt investment initiatives in renewable energy sources to achieve national goals, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and reaching net zero by 2060, in line with the Kingdom’s international commitments.”

Mohammed Abdulghaffar Hussain, Co-Founder and Chairman of Positive Zero, said: “Our partnership with the Royal University for Women is a testament to the need for solar solutions across the region and in all sectors, including education. This initiative supports our mission to revolutionise the Middle East’s energy landscape and serve as a blueprint for other organisations seeking clean alternatives.

“We are confident that this collaboration with the Royal University for Women will further inspire advancements in environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, motivating the next generation of young sustainability leaders in Bahrain and beyond to drive positive change.” 

Professor Riyad Yousef Hamzah, President of the Royal University for Women, said: “Our collaboration with Positive Zero exemplifies our steadfast commitment to a sustainable future. Adopting sustainable energy sources is not just an option, but a responsibility and a strong indicator of our commitment to adopting environmental sustainability initiatives and contributing to the smart and green energy transition.

“The solar installation project is a tangible embodiment of our commitment to protecting the environment and preserving energy sources and is an educational tool that allows our students to witness the direct impact of sustainable initiatives and inspire them to seek innovative solutions in their lives and careers.” 

Once completed, the electricity generated by RUW’s sustainable energy carport will be equivalent to powering more than 550 homes every year. The solar carport project underscores the commitment of RUW and Positive Zero in supporting Bahrain’s ambitious clean energy objectives. These include attaining net zero emissions by 2060 and doubling the renewable energy share to reach 20% of the overall energy mix by 2035.

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