With more than 30 years’ experience in roto-moulding and buoyancy, Ovun is a master of the ocean space. Having recently transitioned from PartnerPlast to Ovun, Sales Director Charl Burger sat in on an exclusive interview to explain the reasoning behind this exciting new chapter. Report by Imogen Ward. 

Advanced Plastics

Founded in 1992 by three engineering partners with the goal of exploiting materials technologies and pushing the boundaries of what was possible with polymers, Advanced Plastics has since grown to become the largest privately-owned injection moulding business in the UK. Aided by its high-tech, high-efficiency sites across the UK, the company has steadily grown not only its production capabilities, but also its market share and its turnover.

North Star

With five decades of experience supporting the offshore industry, North Star is in prime position to accelerate the shipping sector’s transition to green energy. Chief Technology Officer James Bradford explained how the company is doing exactly that, in an exclusive interview. Report written by Imogen Ward. 

Atomic Austria

Founded in 1955, Atomic Austria manufactures high-quality winter sports equipment. It is the largest ski manufacturer in the world with 1,000 in-house employees at its headquarters in the Pongau valley, near Salzburg. The Atomic workforce is united by shared values of innovation, authenticity and, most recently, data driven sustainability.


PASSER is a leading industrial group of companies focused on providing innovative solutions for the renewable energy sector. The company’s portfolio of services includes equipment for offshore cable handling and manufacturing, metal fabrication, shipbuilding, and cryogenic insulation solutions for the maritime market. Espen Brudal, Director of Business Development, explained more to Hannah Barnett.


Since its establishment in 1976, Bruntwood has been setting the example for sustainable development within the UK. ESG Director Alex Edwards sat down for an exclusive interview with Inside Sustainability to explain more. Report by Imogen Ward. 

Seward Refrigeration Ltd 

Seward Refrigeration Ltd is a successful, independent, UK company, specialising in the design, installation, service and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. These days, its work includes both cooling and heating. Mark Culley, Technical Director, told Hannah Barnett more about the new objectives of the business. 


As the world’s leading aircraft end-of-life services provider, ecube is highly specialised in plane disassembly, with a heavy focus on maximising asset values. While sustainability, a circular economy approach and waste minimisation are at the heart of driving the company forward, CEO Lee McConnellogue remains outspoken in seeking industry recognition for the role ecube plays as an end-of-life service provider within the greater aviation circular economy. Report by Andy Probert.

Simply UK 

Simply UK is real estate development and investment company, focusing on care homes, with a strong track record of successful trading and growth. Active throughout the UK, the company is engaged in a broad range of projects. It owns two care home brands – Morar Living and Portland care group – and caters to different sections of the market with each one. Land Director Neil Dobbie explained more to Imogen Ward and Hannah Barnett.

ek robotics

ek robotics, a leading German manufacturer, is revolutionising the warehouse and logistics sector with its state-of-the-art, sustainable robotics solutions. In particular, the company’s modular Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) technology framework has redefined the sector, offering operators a flexible platform that adapts to changing needs as the customers’ operation evolves. Chris Price, Managing Director at ek robotics UK, spoke with Richard Hagan about how robots are shaping the future of warehouse operations.