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Omega Ingredients

Renowned worldwide for cutting-edge biochemistry and all-natural raw materials, Omega Ingredients delivers exquisitely sourced flavour projects. Product Manager Martyn Warner explained to Hannah Barnett how the company made its name with a focus on high-quality, provenance-driven, natural flavours and extracts (kiiNotes®).

Morro Partnerships 

Morro Partnerships is a leading partnerships developer with a purpose. Providing high-quality, sustainable and affordable housing within the Midlands region, Morro works with local authorities, Homes England and registered providers, to drive regeneration in under-invested areas and disused brownfield sites. The company also operates an effective recycling and segregation scheme on all developments to minimise the impact they have on the environment. 


Over the last 18 years, the experts behind Wavepiston have been working tirelessly to market wave energy as a competitive option in the race to greener energy. Now, with its first full-size demonstration project well underway, the company is gearing up for commercialisation. CEO Michael Henriksen explained more, in an exclusive interview with Inside Sustainability. Report by Imogen Ward. 

Argent Energy 

Argent Energy is a European biodiesel company that turns waste fats and oils into renewable fuel, contributing to significant reductions in CO₂ emissions. It has a vision to decarbonise transport worldwide by using only certified waste materials in the production of fuels and constantly searches for new forms of waste to be transformed into higher value products. CEO Dr Louise Calviou discussed the company’s recent developments and goals to promote a more circular economy, in conversation with Hannah Barnett and Antonia Cole.

Sorensen Civil Engineering

For the past 10 years, Sorensen Civil Engineering has experienced a consistent growth trajectory, with its turnover growing twentyfold. Managing Director John Wallace explained how this was achieved, in an exclusive interview with Inside Sustainability. Report by Imogen Ward.

Showcase Interiors

Showcase Interiors is an award-winning independent furniture dealer, providing consultancy, procurement and installation services to all market sectors and businesses of various shapes and sizes. Hannah Barnett spoke to Group Sustainability Specialist Harry Hill and Group CEO Nigel Boreham to learn more. 


2022 Earthshot Prize winner and industry disruptor Notpla has continued to scale up its seaweed-based packaging. While commercial success and innovation have advanced the company’s story, a pivotal decision by the Dutch government to declare its material ‘truly plastic-free’ is poised to open more doors. Andy Probert spoke to Hoa Doan, Head of Impact & Sustainability, to find out more.


The portfolio at RETOS VARNSDORF is focused on horizontal boring mills, covering new machines, overhauls, partial or medium repairs and consultancy services, plus the delivery of spare parts, accessories and the accompanying documentation. Managing Director Jan Müller discussed a milestone anniversary and his goals for this business which is so important to his family. Report by Phil Nicholls.

United Terra Enterprises

United Terra Enterprises provides sustainable and pioneering solutions within the energy sector. Through three distinct segments – Oil & Gas, Wind & Solar and Hydrogen – the company remains steadfast in its mission to foster an environmentally conscious and prosperous future.


Armultra Ltd has been providing engineering solutions for the offshore industry since 1985. The company is highly adaptable; continuing to serve the oil and gas industry while also responding to the needs of the emerging energy transition sector. Director Tom Beales explained more to Hannah Barnett.