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Sigenergy is a forward-facing operation focused on developing cutting-edge home and business energy solutions, including battery storage systems, solar inverters and EV chargers. The company’s world-class R&D team upholds a vision to make the planet greener through continuous innovation.

Springfield Solutions

With its innovative products, Springfield Solutions, an All4Labels Global Packaging Group Company, is making good progress on its route to carbon neutrality. As more consumers are looking for sustainability in all markets, the company has placed a focus on sustainable investment. Managing Director Matt Dass explained more, in a report by Imogen Ward and Colin Chinery.

Ingredient Solutions Ltd

Ingredient Solutions Ltd was established in 2000 to provide innovative cheese ingredients to the food industry. It is now a premier cheese supplier to large food manufacturers of ready meals, snack foods and foodservice companies in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.


Ecofix offers construction expertise in commercial, community and specialist services. The company has successfully delivered high-quality projects across Ireland. Director Colin Durkan discussed some of the company’s projects and sustainability objectives, in conversation with Imogen Ward and Antonia Cole.


ACA Ltd is renowned within the packaging industry for its high-quality finishes and wide service offering. Having worked hard to diversify its portfolio over the years, the company is now offering end-to-end services. Carole McGregor, Customer Service Manager, explained more, in an exclusive interview with Inside Sustainability. Report written by Imogen Ward. 


Founded in 2006 by a veteran team of packaging sector specialists, Inn-Flex is a packaging converter mainly serving the pet food industry. Richard Hagan spoke with Managing Director David Tomasin to find out about Inn-Flex’s innovative sustainability programme.

Copart Finland

Copart Finland is a service provider specialising in salvage vehicles. The company sells vehicles from insurance companies, car dealerships and private customers through online auction. Now, the company is developing its inherently sustainable credentials further. Hannah Barnett learnt more from Managing Director Jan Johansson.

Aderco International

Aderco International is globally renowned for its innovative and cutting-edge fuel treatment solutions. With the journey towards net zero a global priority, Aderco is implementing solutions for the future. CEO Olivier Baiwir, COO Philippe Lecloux and CAO Charlotte Baiwir explained more, in an exclusive interview. Report by Imogen Ward. 

LRL Roofing Solutions

LRL Roofing Solutions was established in 2003 as Liquid Roofing Ltd, with the primary goal of delivering high-quality liquid applied roofing systems. The company has since evolved into the bituminous sector, which now accounts for around 65% of the market.

Moortown Group

Moortown Group is an expert in civil engineering and groundworks. With more than 25 years in the trade, the company has a keen understanding of how to maintain a successful business. HSQE Director Jonathan Milnes explained more, in an exclusive interview with Inside Sustainability. Report by Imogen Ward.