Month: November 2022

Telford Homes

Telford Homes

Telford Homes goes beyond being a developer of Build-to-Rent homes in London: its focus is on creating sustainable communities with proactive strategies that enhance lives and cut carbon emissions.


German-based PCM RAILONE AG has over 100 years’ experience manufacturing sleepers and track systems for urban transit and long-distance rail transportation. Director of Sales and New Projects Saurav Mittal described RAILONE’s operation and new products in discussion with Phil Nicholls.


Elaphe Propulsion Technologies

As car manufacturers around the world compete to deliver a new generation of electric vehicles, we’re being treated to new ideas, new technologies and new thinking around mobility. Elaphe Propulsion Technologies is at the forefront of one of the biggest of those ideas: in-wheel propulsion.

Flowflex Components

Plumbing systems are the hidden lifeblood of every building. The water and gas delivery systems that weave their way into every facet of our lives are the unsung heroes that make modern life possible.


Based in Singapore, with a global network of depots, Goodpack has over 30 years’ experience delivering efficient, integrated supply chain solutions via a network of strategically located global depots and fleets of returnable containers.

Charge Amps

Charge Amps was founded in 2012 by Fredrik Jonsson to help tackle fossil fuel dependency within the car market. Creating innovative and stylish designs, Charge Amps has ensured its customers receive the very best products with premium feel.

Fabdec Limited

Fabdec Limited was incorporated in 1960 and is recognised as a market leader. The company manufactures high-quality innovative stainless steel heat transfer products and continuously invests in the creation of new products and services to stay ahead of the curve.

Harcourt Industrial

Embracing change is the secret of Harcourt Industrial’s success. Having moved from continent to continent and switched industries, the company’s manufacturing engineering prowess is flying high as a Tier 1 supplier to the aerospace elite.

Joseph Gallagher Ltd

Joseph Gallagher Ltd has vast experience in tunnelling and civil engineering projects in the UK and internationally. With an ethos of delivering ‘the right solution,’ Group Environmental and Sustainability Manager Ian Ford revealed the extent to which safety and sustainability are indelibly wrapped around JGL’s day-to-day operations.